DCC: Fame, Fortune and Glory

Session 3: The Silent Valley


Sunday: The 2nd day of Summerise in the year 562 E.C.

“The wind howled through the nearly lifeless valley, the footsteps of the four travelers echoed throughout. It had been nearly a week since they departed the town of Anoria and left civilization. Eventually they came across one of the great Akosian monuments which held its torn banner and they saw it worn with age. It was obvious the lands ahead were not under the eyes of the kingdom but left to the wild like lost fawns deep within a wolf’s forest. The road would twist and turn through the rollings hills of the valley and bring them to Taros, the furthest settlement of the Akosian boarders. Billy Mays, Dugar, Terrence Bagaroot and Seezle Bixby were no strangers to one another, nearly six months prior they delved into the war-wizard’s vault and came out with not only treasures of great value but the guidance of a figure who called itself Ator. Ator’s voice could only be heard within their minds, but it’s instructions led them all to legitimate establishments where trainers of great renown could be found. Now with training and the blessing of Ator they find themselves together in a town where they are the center of attention, the people are scared and it wouldn’t take long for the adventurer’s to find out why. So begins the adventures of Ator’s chosen.”

Session 2: The Clay Soldiers of War


“The traps of the war-wizard’s vault had claimed one of the 14, another was severely wounded and all were left in awe as they faced the giant demonic snake who called itself Siargu. Though the snake would be defeated within seconds, it became obvious to the intruders that nothing in this place would be of the ordinary and all who came into this place would not leave the same. Deeper they traveled into the vault, coming across crystallized figures who were attracted to the flames on their torches. They meant no harm, but understood nothing presented to them but the warmth of the flames, the intruders saw it best to lure these figures to a room where they could be sealed off and thus truly ruled out as a threat. The peasants would then discover the beautiful star like crystals at the bottom of a small pool within the complex and with great risk would begin removing them from the its bed. In time the water would drain and the floor would begin to give way, smart thinking drove those stricken with greed out of the pool. A spiraling staircase would be discovered and from there the peasants would encounter the other entities living within vault. Made of clay, these warriors wore elaborate head dresses and carried spears, their leader whose head dress would be the most elaborate proved to be a worthy foe, but the losses for the party of 13 would be few and in the end the great treasures of the war-wizard would be in their possession.”

Session 1: The Portal Under The Stars


“Some were peasants, others were smugglers, fortune tellers, and shamans. A select few were of entirely different races known as elves, dwarves and the ever so curious halflings, but despite the differences all of them had one thing in common….they desired a life beyond the mundane. It was the rumors of a great war-wizards’s vault that brought them together on a druid’s hill that fateful night. Among the standing stones which formed the shape of a door they witnessed an unbelievable sight. An empty star whose position above the stones caused a portal to appear, from one side they saw the hallway of an ancient structure, from the other, nothing beyond the ordinary. Armed with only what little they possessed, they stepped into the portal risking it all for fame, fortune and glory.”


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