DCC: Fame, Fortune and Glory

Session 1: The Portal Under The Stars


“Some were peasants, others were smugglers, fortune tellers, and shamans. A select few were of entirely different races known as elves, dwarves and the ever so curious halflings, but despite the differences all of them had one thing in common….they desired a life beyond the mundane. It was the rumors of a great war-wizards’s vault that brought them together on a druid’s hill that fateful night. Among the standing stones which formed the shape of a door they witnessed an unbelievable sight. An empty star whose position above the stones caused a portal to appear, from one side they saw the hallway of an ancient structure, from the other, nothing beyond the ordinary. Armed with only what little they possessed, they stepped into the portal risking it all for fame, fortune and glory.”


Andymadness Andymadness

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