DCC: Fame, Fortune and Glory

Session 3: The Silent Valley


Sunday: The 2nd day of Summerise in the year 562 E.C.

“The wind howled through the nearly lifeless valley, the footsteps of the four travelers echoed throughout. It had been nearly a week since they departed the town of Anoria and left civilization. Eventually they came across one of the great Akosian monuments which held its torn banner and they saw it worn with age. It was obvious the lands ahead were not under the eyes of the kingdom but left to the wild like lost fawns deep within a wolf’s forest. The road would twist and turn through the rollings hills of the valley and bring them to Taros, the furthest settlement of the Akosian boarders. Billy Mays, Dugar, Terrence Bagaroot and Seezle Bixby were no strangers to one another, nearly six months prior they delved into the war-wizard’s vault and came out with not only treasures of great value but the guidance of a figure who called itself Ator. Ator’s voice could only be heard within their minds, but it’s instructions led them all to legitimate establishments where trainers of great renown could be found. Now with training and the blessing of Ator they find themselves together in a town where they are the center of attention, the people are scared and it wouldn’t take long for the adventurer’s to find out why. So begins the adventures of Ator’s chosen.”


Andymadness Andymadness

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