Father Luther Rodenill

Priest of Ulesh/Ildavir, Mayor of Taros


Race: Human
Age: ?? (Described as late 50s early 60s)
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180lbs.
Profession: Priest
Class: NPC


  • Glainnis Rodenill (Wife)
  • Meryl Rodenill (Daughter)
  • Dylan Rodenill (Son)

Father Luther Rodenill (Rah-den-ill) is the mayor and head religious figure of Taros. He is a strong follower in the ways of both Ulesh, god of peace and Ildavir, goddess of creation. He is highly respected by the people of the town and seen as a beacon of hope during stressful times. His wife Glainnis plays a big role in being the brains of the household as she keeps him organized and helps him come up with interesting ways of dealing with issues. His daughter Meryl is a witness of Ildavir and shows great potential of spreading the ways of the goddess, but he finds himself being over protective of her and not giving her a chance to test her limits and apply her teachings. As of late the town of Taros has become the victim to various abductions of both people and livestock. Of these missing people, Rodenill’s son Dylan is one of them. It is faith alone that keeps him driven to find his son and help the townsfolk, like a devoted father he claims he will stop to nothing until his son and the others are found.

Father Luther Rodenill

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